A Two-Day Immersive Live Onsite Experience To Transform Your Quranic Voice

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"Never - did I ever think that i would ever be able to even read the language of our faith... But Alhumdulillah after a lot of struggle I am on my way..."

Time To Shift Gears!

Do you ever feel inadequate?

Like, “because Allah is so perfect and I’m so flawed, there’s no way I can reach out or worship Him the way He deserves” ?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: all of us are flawed. That doesn’t mean we can’t communicate with our Lord, in fact we already have all the tools to do so.

Perfecting your prayer means perfecting what you recite in it: The Quran.

When you can hone your voice, and refine your recitation, you’ll be confident in communicating with your Maker.

Get ready to shift gears and start your journey to excellence!

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"Alhamdullilah everything was made so simple and broken down into easy steps so I was able to watch the lessons in my own time to fit my busy schedule. By spending one week on each lesson i was able to apply the knowledge without feeling overwhelmed with all these new rules."

"Why Would I Want To
Recite Quran Better?"

Is it to sound pretty and feel good? Or is it for your ticket to Jannah?

Refining the way you read the Quran isn’t just for your local hafiz, it’s something we should all be doing if we want to rack up our good deeds but even more than that, it’s crucial to connecting with Allah.

Where does your wifi work best? When you’re near your router or a million miles away?

The same goes for your relationship with Allah. The closer you are to your router- The Quran- the closer you’ll be to Him.

Take that first step, recharge your recitation, and watch as that signal gets stronger.

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What Sets
Quranic Shift Apart?

It’s not a lecture. It’s a two day interactive in-person onsite experience.

Over 8 hours, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about the art of recitation.

Through group readings, practical activities, breathing exercises and on the spot feedback, this event will be your first step to actualising that relationship with Allah’s word that you’ve always wanted.

The thing that makes or breaks your Quranic Shift? Your own participation.

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A Billion Hours Of YouTube
Is Watched Every Day...

There’s a new social media site, streaming service or internet fad keeping us busy every other minute of the day, and the more these things pile up, the more roadblocks we put between ourselves and the Quran.

We’re out to change how people engage with the Quran. Revolutionising the learning experience and making a shift in history, and we want you to be a part of it not just for yourself but for anyone who thinks they can’t connect with Allah’s word.

Don’t be the person that watches the trailer and skips out on the event itself. Be a part of history.

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What Will Your
Quranic Shift Look Like?

Throughout this seminar you’ll see some major shifts in your life related to the Quran

A Shift in

You’ll get to grips with the theory work- the a,b,c’s of tajweed, makharij, articulation- but also put it into practice. Our focus isn’t just about rules and checkpoints but seeing the alignment in our recitation.

A Shift in

Through practice you’ll start to pick up on finer details of recitation; identifying the right sounds at the right place and being able to apply them yourself. It’ll completely change your experience of listening to the Qur’an as well as reading it.

A Shift in

You’ll literally change the way you breathe! over the course of our live sessions you’ll be waking up your lungs like never before. Together we’ll go through practical breathing exercises and demonstrate how they link to your recitation.

A Shift in

However long it takes you to read a page of the Quran, you’ll cut that time in half by the end of this program. You won’t read the Quran quicker, but you’ll be a more efficient reciter and you’ll find yourself wanting to read more and more as you progress.

When Will It Start?

NOV 19 & 20

11 AM - 3 PM (CST)

Aloft Dallas Euless
1301 Chisholm Trail
Euless Texas 76039

$150 USD

Join us to start your transformation

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Who’s Helping You
Unlock Your Inner Qari?

Imam Wisam Sharieff is a life-long devotee of the Quran who’s on a mission to help people transform their relationship with Allah’s word. He’s an AlMaghrib veteran, having taught over 25,000 students worldwide both in-person and online through our QuranRevolution program.

Imam Wisam has studied at the feet of world-class reciters and experts in the Quranic sciences everywhere from Makkah to Egypt, Pakistan and even at home in America.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic grammar and completed his ijazah in the Ashara Qiraat (the study of the varying recitations of the Quran).

Known for his electric persona and indomitable spirit, Imam Wisam is here to help recharge your recitation.

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Shift Your Recitation
Into Its Highest Gear

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What are the prerequisites for this seminar?

Students must be able to read Quran, even if it is slowly. In order to benefit from the curriculum, you must have a hard copy Mus-haf or a digital Mus-haf on a device separate from your Zoom device (so that you can participate on Zoom while also seeing your digital Mus-haf).

How does the seminar work?

The daily schedule is detailed in the Course Outline (available on the course portal). We will be learning, discussing, and participating throughout the seminar, both as a group and in breakout sessions. Our objective is to practice and apply what we learn.

When does the program start and how long is it?

The seminar begins on Saturday November 19, 2022 at 11am CST and concludes on Sunday August 21st, 2022 at 3pm CST. The schedule for both Saturday and Sunday is 11am – 3pm CST.

Will this onsite experience be recorded?

This seminar is focused on the live onsite experience which includes learning through participation. Therefore, we will not be posting any recording. Students will have access to related resources on the course portal.

If I find the program is not for me, is there a refund?

The registration fee of USD$150 is not refundable.

Do we have one-to-one reading with Imam Wisam?

Students will participate in group recitation with Imam Wisam during class. Breakout rooms will be used at various intervals so that students can recite to a TA in a smaller group setting.

How will the breakout rooms be organized? Will it be only sisters and only brothers, or will it be a mixed group?

During the main class and breakout sessions students will be in a mixed gender group. The breakout sessions will be led by our highly qualified and trained TAs, and students will be assigned to different groups in each breakout interval. We will not be separating breakout rooms by gender.

Will the breakout rooms be divided by level?

Throughout the seminar, both in the main class and during breakout sessions, students will be grouped with others of varying levels and abilities. Learning by hearing yourself and others is an important part of transforming your recitation.

Can I sign up my Child?

This seminar is intended for adult participation, so we do not recommend that children attend by themselves. However, families are welcome to attend together.